From initially supplying primarily packaging materials (and a few staple foodstuffs) to the fast-food trade in South Wales, Kwan Yick now supplies throughout the UK and Ireland in excess of 1000 ambient product lines aimed specifically at producers of Chinese meals.


Our Philosophy

Kwan Yick translates as “service” or “benefit to the community” … and service, as our (1500+) customers and our suppliers have discovered for themselves, epitomises Kwan Yick’s philosophy.

Family Owned Business

Kwan Yick remains a family owned business, with two generations of the Wo family actively involved in the day to day operation of the business, and the Wo family ethos permeates the company from the personal service of our seven sales personnel, to the delivery (using our own vehicles) of orders directly into our restaurant and take-away customers’ storerooms, through to the provision of detailed product specifications for our food-processor customers Kwan Yick’s attention to detail is second to none in the UK’s specialist oriental import, wholesale and distribution sector.

High Quality Products

Being a trained chef, Kwan Yick’s managing director, Mr Hock Leung Wo, has been able to combine his training with the company’s knowledge of oriental ingredients to assist our restaurant and take-away customers in creating attractive well-balanced dishes. This facility is readily available to our food-processor customers ensuring that they have available the same high quality ingredients demanded by our restaurant and take-away customers; augmenting their ability to produce oriental ready-meals as similar to the traditional dishes as can be achieved outside a Chinese kitchen.

Our Brands